Erica Wachs CMT
Therapeutic bodywork specializing in relaxation and stress management

Services and Rates

Swedish The most common form of massage in the West, Swedish involves long flowing strokes, kneading and compression to facilitate muscle relaxation and improved circulation in the body. Unscented lotion or aromatherapy oil is often used. 

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage Using Swedish technique performed in a sidelying position and modified for pregnant bodies.

Shiatsu Translated from Japanese as "Finger Pressure", Shiatsu involves compression and stretching to induce relaxation and improve range of motion and can be performed on either a massage table or floormat. No disrobing is necessary and loose fitting, comfortable clothing is recommended 

Reiki A Japanese form of energy work, Reiki involves the therapist laying hands in specific positions to facilitate the flow of chi and encourage the body's own healing response. 


All services are $35 for 30 minutes, $60 for 60 minutes, $80 for 90 minutes.

$10 off per session if two or more are prepaid.

Payments can be made with cash, check or through paypal , venmo and google cash app.



Tipping Policy: Although happily accepted, gratuities are not required or expected. Re-booking or referring a friend are great ways to say thank you.

Chair Massage$1 / 1 minute
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$60 / 60 minutes
Reiki$25 / 30 minutes
Swedish Massage$60 / 60 minutes